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Water Recycling

water The total water consumption has climbed tenfold on a global scale in the last century so it is no secret that water supplies are dwindling and that many areas around the world are facing drought or the possibility of drought. The fact is that the global water shortage could very well be the next crisis the world could face due to the ever changing global climate if every individual living on this earth does not make a concerted effort towards conserving water wisely.

Conserving water is easier than you think. An average of 120 litres of water is used for a bath and 80 litres used in a shower! By doing a simple calculation you will realise just how much water a household or hotel uses and how much water is wasted down the drain. Why not catch your used water in a recycling system and reuse the grey water for your irrigation or toilet flushing or take it one step further and purify the recycled water. Water recycling can help you to maximise the use of your clean tap water thus protecting the precious element and saving you money.


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