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Organic Waste Recycling

organic waste Recycling is the reprocessing of materials into new products. Recycling generally prevents the waste of potentially useful materials, reduces the consumption of raw materials and reduces energy usage, and hence greenhouse gas emissions, compared to virgin production. Some benefits include: saving energy, saving land space, saving money, creating new jobs, reducing air and water pollution and preserving habitat for wildlife. Thats why recycling is important and you must take a closer look at your life and how you recycle materials in your daily life at home or work.

Organic waste recycling can reduce your carbon footprint even further! Whether you need a system for your home or business, we have an option for you. All organic waste can be recycled and turned into compost which can be used in your garden. Biogas can be generated from organic waste by means of a digester, this gas can be used for gas lights, gas cooking, water heating etc and the spent product is in the form of organic compost. Biogas digesters and organic waste solutions are a must for the hospitality industry!


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