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Heating Cooling About 12% of energy consumed in the average home results from heating and cooling activities. Heating and cooling choices have an alarming and deleterious effect on the environment. Throughout the world, hundreds and millions of tons of carbon dioxide are emitted into the atmosphere each year because of these activities, exacerbating the problems of global climate change.

Heating and cooling go hand in hand. Whether one uses solar energy to heat a room or geothermal - a comprehensive system can be supplied and installed to suit your needs. With simple modular systems, installation procedures are easily adapted to new or retro fits. The heating and cooling system is a combined system and can be installed into walls and layed under floors and ceilings.

Heating and cooling is generated through various options namely: solar heated water, geothermal and heat pumps.
Heat pumps use renewable sources of energy which cost you nothing! Renewable sources are always available and do not use up any natural resources, heat pumps also do not produce any waste products.
Heat pumps utilize energy from the air, water or soil to generate heat and hot water. Transformed by electricity which can come from solar energy, the heat pump is able to produce 5 times its own power in heating which is a result from a rise in pressure caused by the electrically powered compressor.

The refrigerant which is circulating in closed circuits uses free heat from the earth which is then distributed by the condenser to the heating and hot water system at high temperatures.
The heat pump system utilizes energy from the environment which costs you nothing and does not harm the environment either, while delivering heat and hot water. The same principle is applied in the summer seasons and a cooling system is provided which gives you an all round heating and cooling solution!


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