xeriscaping Every home owner wants a beautiful green garden throughout all the seasons. But from an environmental perspective having a green garden/landscape doesn't refer to the colour of the garden. A green garden/landscape is one that is designed to provide maximum protection to both the environment and your pocket.

Xeriscaping literally means '' dry landscape,'' and is derived from the Greek word '' xeros '' meaning dry. But the image that may arise from this brief definition - parched land and rocks with little biological life, except perhaps a cactus - does serious injustice to both the value and concept of Xeriscaping and its importance in a world of increasing water scarcity brought on by soaring population growth and increasing economic development worldwide. On the contrary, Xeriscaping offers a wide variety of horticultural choices that are both beautiful and diverse.

While the idea of conserving water is elemental in Xeriscaping, the principles behind Xeriscaping are a good deal more complex and robust than this simple statement might imply. Xeriscaping alternatively could be termed '' right-scaping '' - that is, selecting from a range of choices of plants, soils, and gardening techniques in order to identify those that are best suited for particular locale.

South Africa is one region that has benefited enormously from the introduction of drought resistant plants in the local ecosystem. Numerous plant species that require little water now survive here.



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