LED Lighting

LED Lighting Energy management is the key to saving energy in your business and home. Much of the importance of energy saving stems from the global need to save energy - this global need affects energy prices, emissions targets, and legislation, all of which lead to several compelling reasons why you should save energy at your business and home. When it comes to energy saving, energy management is the process of monitoring, controlling, and conserving energy in a building or business or home.

Light-emitting diodes (LEDs) are much more efficient at producing visible light than traditional light sources such as filament bulbs, and fluorescent lights. LEDs are made of semi-conductor material; light is produced when electrons are passed through the semiconductor material.
Unlike traditional light sources, LEDs do not get hot, so very little energy is wasted as heat. LEDs also do not produce ultraviolet or infrared rays, which are light waves which cannot be seen by the human eye. What LEDs do is convert a higher percentage of energy into light within the visible spectrum which means that less power is required to produce the same amount of useful light.
The lifetime of an LED lamp is around 50,000 hours that means that, under normal use, an LED bulb will not need replacing for 12 years. Using LED lamps means that replacement bulb costs are reduced, as well as man hours spent replacing the lamps. Most LED lamps consume between 1 and 3 watts of energy. This means that the electricity cost to run an LED bulb is much lower than standard incandescent, compact fluorescent and halogen lamps. In some cases, switching to LED lamps can yield a 95.4% saving on electricity charges.
Some materials used in the manufacture of other lighting sources, such as fluorescent lamps, require the use of harmful chemicals. Fluorescent lights contain mercury, which means that when the lamp comes to the end of its life it has to be disposed of in a landfill site. LED lamps contain no toxic materials which mean when they come to the end of their life they can be recycled, a better solution for the environment.
In the present day, everybody should be responsible for helping to reduce carbon emissions and halt global climate change. Changing to LED bulbs would make a very significant difference to the amount of energy consumed homes and businesses.



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