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Residential consult 2 Creating a Green home involves implementing good design, employing innovative technology, and organizing key elements and features of the building in a way that simultaneously supports both a high quality of life as well as protection of the environment. Green building means re visiting the physical properties of energy, air, and water. Green building practices and the selection of the appropriate building materials, revolve around a few basic principles of science, from sitting to design, construction, operation, maintenance, renovation, and demolition. New Technologies are continuously being created to assist in creating green buildings at the end of the day green buildings are designed in order to reduce the overall impact on the environment and human health.

Highly toxic paints can emit up to a thousand times the naturally occurring levels of VOC's into the atmosphere of a home or business. In fact, poor paint choices can be one of the most dangerous sources of home and business based pollution. Because of the way in which they are manufactured, all paint emits some gases into the air, but oil-based paint tend to be the worst offenders.

Eco paint solutions protect the environment from manufacture to application. The environmental performance of the Eco paint system is highlighted with respect to the two main toxic factors associated with paints -No metallic releases, e.g. lead and other toxic metals are not found in the system and there are low releases of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) during application and thereafter, i.e. the VOC contents of the products in the system are less than 5 grams per litre, which, according to international standards, are classified as 0 VOC paints.

These environmental and quality aspects of the eco paint system translate into a high-quality exterior coating system, which can be applied to any surface, and which exceeds the international environmental requirements. In addition, the scrub resistance and clean ability of the system is extremely good, which, together with its low smell, non-toxic characteristics, also makes it a superior choice for indoor applications.

The eco paint system can cater for all your colour choices.

There is also wide range of eco friendly products available:
Binding Agent, paint, sealer, floor paint, fire retardant and dust sealer, intumescent coating, varnish, rust treatment, road marking paint, concrete curing coating, rubberizing, rubber shock absorbing coating, camouflage paint, marine paint, acoustic coating, insulating coating, swimming pool paint, contractors paint, stain, anti graffiti paint, industrial coatings and luminescent paints.


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