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saving green by living and working green...

Living green means taking the environment into consideration in as many aspects as possible! The Green Initiative is here to provide advice and guidance to you as an individual or business and to show you how to implement sustainable operations and greener alternatives.

Our Green Consultants will help the individual or business to clearly understand the need to take action!  We will show you simple and straight forward steps that will not only protect the environment but also increase the overall quality of your life.

The Green Initiative will explain and demonstrate how one can green up their lives, their homes and businesses and bank accounts.

Making the Green commitment means recognizing almost every choice a person or business makes can have an impact on the environment. We firmly believe that a substantial difference can be made by changing ones attitude, behaviour and practice so that they become more consistent with the protection of the environment and resource conservation.

Need help? got questions? Confused???
email greenguru@thegreeninitiative.co.za or call us and speak to a real person 011 791 7070

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