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Our Green story:

The founders of The Green Initiative are passionate about our beautiful planet and have thus been living a green lifestyle for many years. Choosing to live a green lifestyle has proven to be somewhat challenging at times due to the lack of interest and knowledge and available service providers. People began to ask us on a continual basis on how to live and work green. This made us realise that most people want to live green but just lack the knowledge and resources. This inspired us to create a platform where we can bring together, at one place, services and products which promote such a life choice - Welcome The Green Initiative, our online eco-store and eco-consulting.


The Green Initiative is passionate about living green and we have made it our mission to get as many people and businesses as possible to do so with us. Living green is no longer an option but rather a necessity and responsibility of each and every individual living on this planet. The Green Initiative's goal is to introduce, educate and implement in the mainstream market place a wide array of high quality products made from recycled materials and other earth friendly ingredients and products and services designed to ensure a sustainable future.


The Green Initiative's vision is to become an invaluable wealth of knowledge on living, working and existing green. We strive to become a market leader in educating individuals and businesses on how to create and inspire a sustainable future. The Green Initiative's vision is to provide all products and services one needs in order to maintain a green life and/or business. This will be done through consulting and our online store.

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